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1. Begin by saturating the floral foam in water until it is fully soaked. Cut the foam to fit inside the light blue square flower box.

2. Carefully place a liner and the wet floral foam into the flower box, ensuring it fills the entire bottom and fits securely.

3. Select your preferred flowers, considering the desired color palette and style. Options like roses, gerberas, and daisies work wonderfully for this arrangement.

4. Trim the flower stems at an angle, allowing for effective water absorption and a proper fit into the floral foam. Vary the stem lengths for added depth and visual appeal.

5. Start arranging the flowers in the floral foam, beginning with focal flowers like roses or lilies. Create varying heights to add dimension to the arrangement.

6. Fill in any gaps with smaller blooms or greenery, such as daisies or foliage, to enhance the overall texture and appearance.

7. For a unique touch cut a piece of light pink flower wrapping paper to the appropriate size and fold it up before applying it onto the foam.

8. Transform the “Miss You” ribbon into a beautiful gift bow. Glue the bow onto one corner of the light blue square flower box, adding a sentimental and personalized accent.

Step back and admire the beautiful creation you made!

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