Other than our own designs, we may also custom made the boxes to meet your packaging needs or event needs. To start with a low minimum of 2,000 pcs per designer box for custom-design. We start with the concept. Buyer may advise us what design or size of item they want. Buyer may provide logo, art, size box, material, color, vision concept or may provide collateral materials, photos, art, images, sketches, etc. We must have all formal buyers contact information-name, address, telephone, email. We may require a deposit of $350 for the artwork if you are involve with designing or editing your designs. On a 2,500-piece order, the deposit will be credited back towards the order.

Custom Design Order Procedure:

  1. We do a colored line drawing presentation by email to buyer. We give box information and dimensions of the category chosen.
  2. Buyer then approves the color line drawing presentation to authorize us to move forward to make prototype.
  3. we create actual prototype for approval. After the final approval of the prototype, we ship prototype design in its respected
    box to the buyer.
  4. Buyer approves prototype, decorative box, special packaging designs by email.
  5. We move into production.
  6. Expect a 4-6-week factory production time frame depending on the quantity.
  7. Available dates and shipping times will vary, depending on time of year.
  8. A down payment of 30% may be necessary, depending on size of the order or customers credit history with company.
  9. Please call Danny Li at 626-658-8881 for advice on how to get started or email Danny at  for more detail.